Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Will's Birthday

It only took my a month to get these pictures up. Happy birthday Will. For Will's 26th we went to the Louisville slugger museum and factory. We had a blast, it is really neat. Will and I watched them make the bats and dip them in the different finishes. We walked around the museum and saw all of the famous players who have signed contracts with Louisville slugger. Will did a little batting practice in the cages. It was a great time.
Here are some pics from the fun day.
Will in the batting cage

For the Houston crowd

Second greatest catcher of all time

Will playing with the 'Stros

Will leaving the dug out

Its raining bats (View of the ceiling)

How they made the first Louisville Sluggers

Hey batter, batter, batter, batter... Swing Batter

Will in front of the wall of signatures

The GREATEST Catcher of all time

Someone is in aww...

Dirtiest player of all time... but still one of the greats.

The great Bamino, the Sultan of swat... need I say more?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Will's birthday pictures a little late

So for will's birthday a LONG time ago, we went to the Louisville Slugger Museum. Here are some fun yet old pictures! Will did AWESOME in the batting cage... He's still got it!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Going away parties

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your help and wonderful parties before we left. It was great to hang out with you guys. We really appreciate all your love and support. Thanks for helping us pack and feeding us when we didn't have a kitchen, your financial support and most of all, your prayers. We love you all very much.

I wanted to share the picture we took from the fun Fiestas we had before we left.

Senor James

Mommy show me how


Cece's Sweet speech

Decorations a la Cece

Fiesta at Abby and Jon's House

Fun decorations

The crew hanging out

Fun Friends

Jenny and Granny

Happy Birthday Will

S'mores with peeps

Nicole and Wes

Oma and James

Pops in the pool

Granny and Stacey


Granny and Ella

Pops plays the guitar while the kiddos dance

Ella is retuning Pops' Guitar


Nicole and Me

Summer Birthdays

Say, "Red velvet cake"


Will's birthday Can you guess what it is?

Abby and I visited Andrea at the heart hospital Baylor

James' first ice cream shop


Do I have something on my face?

Look what I have

This is so good

Thank you Lord for this yummy blue ice cream.


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