Sunday, May 24, 2009

Liam's quilt!

Thanks to all the family that made a patch for the quilt for Liam! We Love it! Aunt Jen you did a fabulous job putting it together! Thank again! We Love you all...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Graduation in Louisville!

We just came back from Louisville, KY where Will was hooded for his masters of Divinity in Missions, Evangelism and Church Growth! We had a great time while there, we saw our friends and were able to show Will's family around Louisville. Liam took his first plane ride and did GREAT! Here are some of our pictures from our adventure:

Liam's first plane ride

He is very excited!

Mommy's stellar packing job of her bag of tricks

Liam is ready to go.

Playing with the tray table

Reading a book to pass the time.

Looking out the window during landing.

Liam meets Calvin... Calvin wasn't so sure about this new guy. It didn't take long before they were best buds!

The Libbies let us borrow all sorts of baby stuff. Liam was playing with a fun table.

Liam walking around the Lands house.

Will made his famous Lasagna for the Lands


Liam could reach the light from the crib, he learned how to turn on and off the light on his own.

The family at The Maker's Mark. Yummy meal!

4 generations

Playing with Marny.

Sitting in Moi's lap.

Sayin' Hi to Poppie

Sharing his spoon with Poppie.

Happy after a very yummy meal! Veal and Tenderloin... mmmmmmm!

We walked down to 4th Street live

Moi and Granddaddy, Greg and Michelle stayed at the infamous Brown Hotel

Ironing Will's shirt for the Big day!

On our way to the Graduation!

BLUEGRASS on Seminary Lawn!

Getting ready, hooding Will

TA DA!!!!
Will Crum the Master of the Divine!

Proud Mama and Kevin

Proud grand parents

Proud dad and Michelle

Proud wife and son

Liam in the Hood
Me... Sunburned... What's new!

On our way to Churchill Downs

This very nice man gave us tickets to his box. It was awesome!

The Crums at the races

Watching the races. do you see the rainbow?

You know, there was a rainbow the day that we moved to Louisville. It seems to be my reminder that God is good and always keeps his promises. In the Bible it says that the Lord is never sleeping Jehovah is always watching out for you. He knows what is next and will be faithful to complete the work He has started in us. (Yes, I got all of that from a rainbow!)

Go go go...
The crew at the races

YiaYia showing off her musical skills

Bobby Flay challanged Lynn's to a throwdown in honor of this french toast! It was Killer!

Liam coloring Notice which hand he is holding the crayon... I'm just sayin'...

The Crum's at the Slugger museum
Liam at The Slugger Museum
Liam and Will at Glass Works
Liam Cheering on Yia Yia
Heidi ready to create her vase
Heidi blowing her vase!
Thanks for having us Lands

The Girls

The Guys

Playing peek a boo with the ticket in daddy's shirt pocket

Happy Flyer

Playing with the air and the buttons

Liam was sharing his cheerios with mommy and daddy on the plane

redisributing our 8 lbs. Yes that is 8lbs of Books that we didn't have when we came.

Sad Jeni and Brice saying bye.
Thanks so much for letting us stay with you! We had a great time!
Love ya!


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