Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Animal Planet

The other day I snapped some shots of Liam playing in his rocking chair. He put almost every single stuffed animal that he has in the chair then asked to sit in it too.
There he is with all his friends, I had to capture the moment.
Let's see there is; Liam, Rumba (tree frog), Munny (bunny), Frog prince, Calvin the puppy, Patches, Bilagio (The Lion), Mouse, little puppy, and Cookie Monster.
yep the gangs all here!
"Peek- a -bee" is how Liam says peek-a -boo
Whew, I can't breath
After the party was over he rocked Calvin, night night on his lap.
He said his prayers with him too.
Hey mom can I see those pictures you are taking?

Brooke's visit

This past weekend Brooke's came to Dallas. We all went over to Yiayia and Kiwi's for dinner.
Liam got into some mischeif as usual.

Bubble Goat-tees
Bubble Mountain in the sink
Blowing the bubbles
Smacking the bubbles

Bubbles inside, How fun!
Cece and Drew, Will, Brooke (and baby Paup) and Matt
Sweet Kisses
We were glad to see you Brooke!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ginny Came to Play

Yesterday Holly and Clint went to go hear her dad speak at DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary) Chapel. Liam and I were lucky enough to get to hang out with Miss. Ginny. She came to play with us, Liam had a great time. All of our neighbors kept asking me how I acuired another child so quickly. It was a great test to see if I could handle two kiddos. The rest of the day even after Ginny left he kept saying, Baby? I think Liam liked having her around.

Isn't Ginny georgous? I think she looks like a 1940 or 50s doll. She has this great curly thick hair, and sweet little red lips. Too Cute!

We went out side and watch Liam blow bubbles

I enjoyed the new patio Chair covers my mom made for us. Aren't they beautiful? I Love them, they are very cushie too!
Liam with his new bubble gun, Thanks Yiayia
Using the bubble gun as a screw driver to "fix" daddy's bike
Ginny catching the bubbles
Mom, You are still watching me right?
Ginny and I were taking pictures of ourselves

Back inside, Ginny showed Liam her play mat.
Sweet kiss for Ginny
She was giggling and kicking
Liam showed her how to spin the dangely toy. He loved her play mat and the music it played... fancy!

We had a great time, Thanks for letting us borrow her, Holly and Clint!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Oma and Pops have an Owl house (fyi: So do Poppie and Muarney)
So Liam likes owls, we got to see Oma and Pop's owl tonight. He or she came out to say Hi.
Pops said this one was smaller than the one they see every night so it is either the girl or a baby. It is so beautiful, we stood and watched it look around and straight at us.

She poked her head out

Liam points it out, he had gotten really good at the Owl noises
Shhhhh! he is telling us to be quiet so we don't scare it away

Grainy close up but still very cool.

Let's go fly a kite!

After Liam's nap today we went to Sonic happy hour and headed to the park
Liam was super excited
Hey mom what'cha doin?
We bought this $1 kite at Wal-mart a while back and have been looking for a time to try it. We thought it would fall apart but it didn't. It flew great, Will got it up right away.
Daddy gets it started
It had a really long tail
Liam watched it fly

He stopped to inspect the funny feeling on his legs, he wasn't a big fan of the tall grass.
He flew it with mommy too

It was the perfect size for Liam
Oma showed up just in time to see the kite fly
... and go down the slide with Liam a few times.

Liam's first Ice Cream Cone

Okay so it was soft serve really but he loved it anyway!
Oma and I went to Jason's deli and got a free cone. MMMM!

You can't see but he has a Ice cream goatee
so cute

Chocolate Duck

Yiayia gave Liam a Chocolate Duck in his Easter Basket. He discovered it in the stash of candy I had hid.

He looks a bit conserned
Let's do this one now.

Boys and Guns!

Will helped out with the youth a few weeks ago and last night. It was a Nerf war so Yia Yia brought over her huge Nerf guns for Will to use. Liam LOVED the guns. He thinks it is so funny when the dart hits the wall or the window or anything for that matter.

What do we do now daddy?
You have to make the noise, Grrrr!
Watch out I'm comin'


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