Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day!

"You gotta get up, you gotta get up, you gotta get up, its Christmas morning!"


Santa came!

Mom gave us this Byer's Choice Caroler santa this year. Isn't he so cute? Mom and Gigi have quite the colection of Carolers.


"Dad! that flash is bright!"

"Oh, its Christmas morning! Happy Birthday Jesus!"


St. Nick gave Liam blocks, a guitar and a fish!

Jammin' with dad

Chirstmas morning is great. Liam is playing with his new toy airplane, his fish and eating chocolate all before breakfast.

See mom, its chocolate!

One of Gigi's friends made this stocking for Liam she is like 96, she gave it to us before we decide to call William Jr, Liam so his stocking says Will. It is super cute it actually matches mine that she made when I was born too.

Will opened Liam's stocking with him and read the letter Santa left for Liam.

Playing with the nativity Oma and Pops gave him.
Happy Birthday baby Jeusus!

Pops, Oma and Gigi came over in their Jammies to have Kringle.
We have had Kringle on Christmas morning for years. Another one of Gigi's friends gives it to her. For those of you who don't know Kringle is a danish pastry. Gigi brings it from Wisconsin. Yum!

Gigi and I in our Jingle Jammies

Pops and Liam couldn't resist the first White Christmas in 80 years. Pops took Liam out to explore the snow.

OOO, cold!

Eating the snow

Sharing with mommy

Round 2

This time with a coat for Liam.

Making a snowball

Pops is eating the snow ball. Look at Liam's face, "Pops what are you doing?"

You're so funny Pops!

Little Li-Man Sno-Man

Snow man in the forest

After Liam's very short morning nap we headed over to Yiayia and Kiwi's
More fun to be had by all...

Aunt Cheech (Cece) and Aunt Cookies (Brooke) with Moosh (Baby Max)

Beautiful Christmas tree!

A stocking for everyone, Yiayia made those are they pretty?

Liam's big gift was a red wagon. What little boy doesn't want a big red wagon? Thanks Yiayia and Kiwi!!!!
I think I will give the dog a ride first.

Sorry about the video I forgot I couldn't turn video

Liam helping daddy

Cousin Max was given a "Clip clop" like Liam got last year. Liam was giving Clip clop a ride in his new wagon

then he added his new teddy from Aunt Cookies and Uncle Spicy (Brooke and Sivey)

Opening his stocking

Playing his new recorder

Yiayia and Brooke took the boys on a brisk Christmas day walk

Matt and Andrea with the newest Crum baby Drew. Merry Christmas baby Drew.

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!

All dressed up in our Christmas best

Oma makes "Snowballs" for the kids to unravel. It was Liam's first time to get to do one.

Gigi and Liam played with the toys afterward

The cousins (We miss you Bevers)


Pops read the Christmas Story to the kids

Liam's Christmas dinner

Snow outside!

Liam Playing the Piano

The Giese kids prepared a show. They even printed off play bills. So impressive. It brought back memories, I can't tell you how many shows we have done on the "Stage"

Will played with Liam while the other kids did the show.

For the second act Will turned off the lights, after that Nicole told him that the cameras wouldn't pick it up with out the lights:

Will and Ella Played the songs from their piano recital for gigi.

At the end the kids were sweet enough to let Liam play too. They are such great cousins!

good times

It is present time!
The Snadman brought PJs for the kids. Liam wasn't so sure about the footed legs but he got used to them.
They were so cute. Thanks sandman!


Thanks Bevers for the Leap Frog barn. Liam loves it!

The Gieses gave Liam a xylaphone. He plays it all the time. He loves music.

Will is reading Liam one of his new books from Gigi. It is a flap book he loves to open and shut the flaps.

Opening a present from Pops and Oma. It was a nativity set Liam could play with.

He is giving baby Jesus a kiss.

Back at home will and I get ready for St. Nick's visit
The sandman visited us too

Will's new "Jingle Jammies" tecnically I didn't buy them from
 Old navy but I like the name so that is what they are.

Will found these Jingle Jammies for me but they were the wrong size. Check out these super soft yellow socks. Cozy!
I'll let you know what I exchange them for. Hopefully they have the same ones there.

Night night!
Twas the night before Christmas and All through the house not a creature was sturing not even a mouse.

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