Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pictures from Home

These are just some pictures I took while I was home last. Good times with family and friends...

Mom and Dad greeted us with some TEXAS cookies. (Grandma's homemade recipe) They decorated them themselves. Man, those cookies are good. Thanks for the warm Texas Welcome.

Will, Ella and Wes made a sign for James and Gary.

Posting up the sign.

The cousins playing a duet.
Will, Me and Oma
Stacey and Pops

Will lovin' on Gary.

Baby Gary

Will and I met the girls and Clint at Mi Cocina. Mexican Food, yum!

The two most competitive people I know... I don't know who won this game.

Playing Washers : Mom and I battling it out in the dark.

Stacey, Granny and Baby Gary

Catchin' lighting bugs

In The Green Belt catching fireflies.

James' Fireflies
Granny, Jenny and James cozy by the fire
Pops stoking the fire
by the fire

Those TEXAS cookies are almost gone.

Uncle Will and James
Bouncy Gary
Granny and I, Blue was the color of the day.
The Pregos eatin' our cookies, yum!

Gwenny checking out her bag

Will opened his gift at his mom's house. These are for Baby Will to wear to the A&M Games.

Kyle, Spivey and Will getting ready to watch Big Brown win... again.

The grandsons were playing with Pops' Jets helmet so I thought I would try it on. Don't I look tough.

Dad's first couple of blooms on his Gardenia Bush came out while we were there. He went and picked some for the ladies. They smell sooooo good. They are dad's favorites.

Mama Nita and Gwen Enjoying the Gardenia

Granny and I with our Flowers behind our ears.

Doesn't she look pretty with the flower behind her ear?

Mama Nita and Oma Mama Nita, Oma and Pops with Gary

Granny feeling Baby Will Kick and move he was being shy.
The Bevers "We miss you dad!"

Teddy Bear Ella
Wes... Okay I'm ready.
All on one float
A ride in the whale
Stacey helping a pregnant sister out.

Feeding Gary is so much fun to watch!
Pops and He-man Will.

Oma, Will and Ella
YiaYia and Kewi
A friendly game of Washers
Pops in the pool with the kiddos

James' glowing bracelet and lightning bug catcher.
Pops inspecting a loose tooth.
Ella and Oma ready to catch come bugs.


Ella's lightning bugs
Uncle Will showing the glowing bug in his hand.

The cousins checking out the catch of the day.

Pops with firefly juice on his cheeks.

Uncle Will and Aunt Jenny with all the Cousins!


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