Monday, May 31, 2010

Vote for Liam

I entered some of Liam's pictures in a magazine cover contest for Parents Magazine.  The child with the most readers choice votes moves on to the semi-finals.  Click the link below to vote.  You can vote once a day until June 6.  Wish Liam luck!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Cavanaugh Flight Museum

So we have lived in Addison for a long time off and on and I am ashamed to say we are just now making it to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. This past Saturday we had a family day and went out to see the airplanes. Liam loves airplanes now so he had fun looking at everything.( I had so many pictures I couldn't put them on the blog so if any of you pilots or plane enthusiasts want to see them leave a comment with your email and I can send them to you on snapfish.)
take a look at our fun day...

This is the first flight simulator 
Will was wowed by this old radial engine

A-26C invader
Liam smiling in front of the Red Barron's Plane
Will checking out the info on this one
When we went into the second hanger they were taking out the T-6 Texan for a spin. We got to watch. It was neat to be so close.

De Havilland CV-2B Caribou
this guy was HUGE!
The B-24 Liberator
There were some former WWII aviators there, they let us go inside and look around.
Liam wasn't so sure about it but he did okay with Daddy.

Will chatting with one of the Veterans

Daddy is all smiles but Liam is a bit more serious

Gunner Liam

In the cabin of the plane
Will and Liam in the bomb bay

In the cockpit Liam's straight face broke long enough to take a peek out the top window.
On the way out Liam gave me a "cheese"

So, this amazed me...
This little hook...

Stops this HUGE plane from running off into the ocean!

Bell Helicopter OH-13D Sioux
I think Liam's favorites were the helicopters. I said that this one reminded me of M*A*S*H one of the men told me that the registration number on this helicopter is the same as the number on the M*A*S*H helicopter: N4077  It is like a vanity plate.

Will Showing Liam the Grumman F9F-2B Panther

Will showed me how a jet engine works

CASA 2111E/Heinkel He-111
I thought the Blue for camo was so neat. Then I walked around the huge plane and realized it was a Nazi plane.

Okay, children of the 80's join with me.

Maverick: Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.
Air Boss Johnson: That's a negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.

This is a Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21US

That's right you know you want to say it...

"I'll hit the brakes, he'll fly right by."
The Jet engine is in the front
It goes all the way through to the back


We went back to get a family pic in front of the BIG GUY!
I love the flags on the front. Festive for this Memorial day weekend.

It was great! If you live in the DFW area, you should go.
I learned a lot and I know my boys had a great time too.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gary and his Gardenias

I thought I would pre-empt father's day by talking about how cool my father is! I mean, tell me, who could possibly be as cool as Gary Hammond in a matching camo aprin and chef's hat, with gardenias behind each ear? The answer... NO ONE! And what makes it even more fitting to my sweet daddy is that he bought it no doubt on sale at one of his three favorite sporting good stores. Always an eye for the deals.
You are Awesome dad!

He loves Gardenias! He has a huge bush in the back yeard. He always talks about how he had one growing up, right outside his window growing up. The window had an AC unit in it and the floral fragrance would be blown troughout the house. The other night he gave me a whole bouquet of gardenias! For the last week everytime we walk in to our apartment it would smell so lovely.

Aren't they wonderful?

Apple Juice

Ice Cream Scoop!

Liam has funny new favorites everyday. He found the Ice cream scoop the other day and decided it was an awesome toy. (Fine with me, we don't use it that much anyway.) I love to hear him say it though. Will and Liam were playing the Ice Cream Scoop game the other night while we were cooking dinner. He can say "Ice ceam oop" but when he says Ice Cream is comes out "Ice-a ceam" I Love it!

Baseball Lesson

Will gave Liam his first batting lesson last night. They were so cute. Liam camein with his tiny Louisville slugger and wanted to swing it. It is a bit dangerous and we have to be super vigilant about where and what he is swinging around, but a boy has got to know how to bat, right?

Liam's family

Liam has been talking up a storm. Here are a few conversations we have had regarding our rather LARGE and WONDERFUL family!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May Flowers

Oma, Liam and I went to the Dallas farmers market yesterday. It was a bit hot; thankfully there was a small breeze. We meandered through the fruits and veggies sampling yummy-ness, Oma returned home with some green beans, sweet potatoes, and lady peas (A light black eyed pea or sorts)

After our snack we went over to the nurseries. There were so many options of gorgeous flowers and foliage we were over whelmed.

Oma treated me to some May flowers so that my porch didn't look so sad. My last flowers had survived two freezes but the last one did them in. An entire colony of ants had taken over my pot on the ground and the raid I sprayed on it to ensure Liam and my safety didn't help the look of the dead plants. It was about time for a change.

So this morning Liam and I headed outside and planted our beautiful new flowers. Liam helped fill the pots with soil and then when they were planted he helped water. It was really nice to be out in the morning.

I love the little tiny flowers in the middle of this one.

New liners and everything
Beautiful pinks, yellows, and oranges.
Welcome Summer!

My water boy

Short attention span... he was more interested in watering the bushes.
After we were done planting we did a little rearranging. Liam helped me sweep off the porch with the fireplace sweeper. It was just his size.
Thanks so much for the beautiful May flowers Oma!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Big Shoes

They always told me that babies would find the strangest things to play with. Boxes, car keys, cell phones.... shoes? The other day Liam had some fun playing with shoes.

Liam has some big shoes to fill!
Now, How do I walk in these?

Later, Liam decided to put his socks on his prayer doll,

and then his shoes. Prayer doll has some big shoes to fill too!

They were a bit heavy.

oops! Better put them back on.

He left him like this for a while, I thought it was funny.

If you give a mouse a cookie

What could be better than curling up with a good book? Doing it with a cookie.

Liam Loves "If you guve a mouse a cookie" He got it from Poppie and Maurney at Christmas

A little mouse came with it.
Liam was reading to his mouse and his precious moments boy that prays
So sweet!


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