Friday, January 29, 2010

Lunch at the Hudson's with the cousins

Teusday we went to Moi and Granddaddy's for lunch. All the DFW cousins were there. We missed Caroline, Hudson and Grayson, but got some cute pictures.

Hanging out on the floor
Max, Liam and Drew

Checkin' out baby Drew

Babies everywhere!
Moi and Drew
Trying to get a picture with everyone

sweet cousins!

The Writing on the Wall

I knew it would happen eventually. I am so used to placing things on the half wall and thinking that Liam can't reach them. I came to check on Liam sitting on the couch and found the writing on the wall. The bad news is that it was a sharpie not a crayola!!!! EEk! If anyone knows how to get that off the wall let me know.

The guilty face! Actually when I took this picture he said, cheese!
So pretty!


We are officially in toddlerhood! I came out of the restroom to liam calling for me.  I came out to find Liam INSIDE the dryer.

Help mommy I can't get out!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mommy's little helper

This morning liam came and took my hand while I was drying my hair and led me over to were I keep my broom and swiffer. He pointed and said "Yeh, yeh" nodding with that look that says I know you understand me. I asked him if he wanted the swiffer he said "yeh". He is such a big helper! Now if I could only get him to put his toys away. That may take a while.

It is light enough for him to swirl it around the floor, he was having so much fun.

I'm not violating any child labor laws am I? :)

We are starting young, I am trying to help out his future wife!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Max a million!

The other day Yiayia, Cece and Max came over to play with Liam. We went for a walk and said hi to Will at work. Max is super cute! he is growing so fast.





I was taking a video and caught some awesome smiles and laughing but then little max gave us a surprise!


Liam is our little parrot now, he says what ever you say. This is how the couple of minutes went before I picked up the video camera...
Liam- (All done motion)
Will- are you all done?
Liam- yah
Will- You want to come sit in daddy's lap?
Liam- yah
(In Will's Lap)
Liam- (Please motion)
Will- This is Daddy's water, here is your water, there now we all have our water!Cheers!
(Clinks Liam's sippy cup)
Liam- Cheersh
Will- Cheers
Liam- Cheersh
Jenny-Is he saying Cheers? Aunt cookies would be so proud!

Uncle spivey (Spicy) and Aunt Brooke (Cookies) just bought a house so we decided to toast them and the new house!


Liam's favorite thing to do is play with water.
I took some fun shots

 Hey Liam, what'cha doin?


Notice all the towels

Look at his face in the mirror

water action shot

wet floor

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Corn on the Cob

This one is for Gigi! While she was visiting she said she would love to see Liam go at a corn on the cob. Tonight he had eaten all of the corn off the cob so we gave him a little bit of our corn ON the cob. I didn't think he would get much but he actually did. Everyday is something new!


Showing mommy his corn while chewin; a mouthful

After a few minutes I think he got tired of trying he ate about half of it.

Watercolor with Liam

Liam loves painting. It was a colorful afternoon...

I love this picture

Liam discovered that the paint didn't taste too good

Smile for the camera

Birthday Flowers

My sweet husband took Liam on an outing this morning so that I could sleep in. At 9:00 he came in and woke me up with these beautiful flowers. He is so great!

My favorite color is the part of the rose petal that glows. How pretty.

The roses had these happy little daisys with it I Loved the pink with the bright lime green centers.

Thanks Will, I Love you!

Kobe Steak House Birthday Dinner

We went to Kobe Steak House for my Birthday, Liam loved watching the chef. I had a wonderful time hanging out with the famly.

Oma, Will and Ella

Will and Liam

Getting ready to start

Fried rice

Nicole Scott and Wes

Liam wouldn't look up from the fried rice

Liam loved watching him make the fried rice after he had dished up every ones portion Liam wanted to know where it had gone.

Will and I decided our Chef was hispanic, what was so funny though is that everytime he talked he sounded french. Listen and see if you can  hear him (heehee hauhau)
Out Mexican, French, Japanese Habachi Chef did a great job! Watch him go...


Me and Pops

Me and the mexican, French, Japanese chef

Whoa that is a lot of candles

Yummy red velvet cake! Thanks mom

New boots from mom and dad!

Belt and Clothes from the Gieses

Beautiful frame from Aunt nita.

Thanks Will, mom and dad, and the Gieses for helping me celebrate my 28th! Dad dinner was fabulous.
You are the BEST.

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