Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentines and a Virus!

We had a rough valentines day this year. On Sunday morning Liam woke up with a fever. Will was teaching Sunday school and I wanted to sit with Beau and Stacey at Chuch before they left so we did a trade off. After Chruch I went with the rest of my family to Nicole and Scotts house to eat lunch while Will stayed with Liam. While I was gone Liam had a 103 degree fever and so Will took him to a doctor. It turned out he had a virus. He has had a stuffy nose before but he has never been this sick. It got worse in the days to follow so Liam and I have just been laying low this week. We did however get some great valentines. From all the grands and great grands!  
Liam opening his Valentine from Gigi
Liam was so excited to put his crisp new two dollar bills in his piggy bank.
They didn't fit through the slit in the head so I opened the bottom for him. Who new putting money in a bank could be so much fun? 
Thanks Gigi!!!!
Yiayia and Kiwi stopped by on the way home from Helping Brooke and Spivey move into thier new house. They brought Chocolate covered strawberries and a pink ginger italian soda drink.
Will and Liam picked out some tulips for me, They have bloomed so beautifully
It has sort of become our tradition to have chinese take out on Vaentines day. It is easy and we don't have to mess with all the restaurants charching more. It is a fun treat
Liam's valentines from Poppi and Maurney and Pops and Oma
3 count them, 3 boxes of Chocolate. The big red one is from Will the Pink is from my dad and mom and the Little one is Liams. and YES it is all gone! Already.
Ella picked out this fun coloring book for Liam
Monday Oma brought Liam and I some Chicken noodle soup from Costco. If you have never tried it you should. They put a whole rotisserie chicken in the soup. It is Yummy! It was the only think I could get him to eat that day.
Sweet little sick Liam

The Last moments with the Bevers

Here are some last minutes picture of the Bevers visit

Kyle and Pops

Kyle and Oma
Aunt Nicole gave Liam that outfit for Christmas when he was that size. It looked super cute on Kyle too
For Valentines day Oma and Pops gave Liam and the other grandkids fun Valentines goodies
It is a globe that has spinning lights, Liam just discovered what it did.
It also doubles as a microphone
MMMM Peeps! Pure sugar, YES!
Pops, Will and Liam eating some Edamame
Pops built a fire and we roasted some christmas peeps
All smiles
Hey Gary you've got a little some thing on your lip
James and Stacey
Beau and Gary

We had a great time with you and miss you all already!

Our Jungle Safari in a Snow Storm

During our record snowfall we took a feild trip to the Dallas Aquarium. It was funny because it was snowing so hard out side and when we came inside it was like being on a jungle safari. The kids had a great time and we got to see some crazy animals. When you walk in it is an open aviary and there are birds flying freely around you. Will and I always laugh about the date we had there one time, we were looking at the otters and he was pooped on. Well I hadn't even been inside 20 seconds and I got my payback. Right on my forhead. it was funny

God is so creative! I had never seen an ant eater up close before it is an amazingly unique animal.
Liam pointing out the ant eater
you come in at the top of the tree canopy and look out over a beautiful waterfall
The boys looking over the balcony

Liam and the otters
I thought this was fun of all the boys lined up looking at the otters. There is an extra boy in there that we didn't know but he was cute too.

Gary checking out the sing rays

I don't think you can see but it is really snowin' out side!

Sea turtle

In front of the big window there is a manatee in there, Liam isn't too font of Manatees.
In the shark tunnel

Liam is keeping his eyes on those sharks

At the end is the Jaguar, The kids loved him. You just wanted to snuggle up with it it. It was so beautiful! God is so good!

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