Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Will and I have a new favorite coffee shop. It is called Quills, we went there last night to spend some quality time together. The owner made our drinks. He was very nice and took his time making our drinks perfectly. It was art. Will had the signature drink and I had a chai latte. It was by far the best chai I have ever had. The perfect fall drink and the foam was like meringue, so thick and yummy! I thought I would give a little plug, it is always nice to tell people about something good.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Here are some pictures of the seminary campus. When the leaves start to turn I will take some of the beautiful fall colors. I hear it is coming soon.

Dorms and offices

Norton Hall, this is where all of Will's classes are. Also, the President's office is in there.

The square... do you see the blue grass? I don't either.

The driveway side of Norton Hall.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Poo Poo Shoe

The Highlight of my day:

Here is something that wasn't in my job description, but clearly could happen any day of my week. Shortly after cleaning the poopie shoe, noticing a "dirty blanket", and cleaning up the bathroom we had a fire drill. Never a dull moment.

One glove, bleach water spray, a paper clip and a poopie shoe...

All clean!

Stacey and James' surprise

Well, it seems that everyone knew but me. Stacey and James came last weekend to surprise me. I was shocked. They are officially our first visitors, and were very patient while Will and I figured out the most fun places to take them. Not to mention how to get there. It was so good to see them both. We had a blast while they were here. We went to some new restaurants and also to two that we had tried before. James really liked Lynn's Paradise Cafe it is super colorful and has fun things for kids and adults. Stacey took me to get our toenails done, which was so relaxing. I think we found the place with the best message chairs. Thanks Stacey I really needed that. We registered for some stuff for Gary while Will and James had some guy time. Stacey also was able to come to my Thursday night seminary Wives institute class. It was neat because the session was about our calling to influence children/ be a mother. Stacey said that she really needed to hear that, and I did too. I was trying to apply the lessons to my classroom of 18 month olds. While they were here Stacey also helped me figure out my lesson plans for the next month which saved me so much time. We had a wonderful time and can't wait to see them again soon, probably when Gary makes his grand entrance.
Thanks for coming Stacey and James, Love you guys so much,
A very excited and surprised Jenny
James and Aunt Jenny
Our beautiful toes and our blue ocean waters that made our teeth and lips blue
Our friends told us about The Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen right when we came, we had to try it out.
Will and I with the chocolate chip pecan pie (Derby Pie) with homemade butter pecan ice cream and Stacey and James with the Apple Pie with Carmel icing and homemade vanilla, YUM
( quick poll for those at the Heights who remember this conversation with Tana and Chris: Is is "Care-a-mel" or "Car-mul"? Think about it...)

Will and James pick out some tunes

James showing us around the pie kitchen

So many choices

Stacey and I work on lesson plans

James and I play with the timer on my camera

Hugs from James

The colorful Lynn's Paradise Cafe serves scrumptious breakfast foods all day long as well as lunch. The Omelets are huge and the french toast is amazing

Will and James trying on the hats in the front store

Will's biggest latte ever

The two boys play the pipes outside the restaurant

James and the big red cat

James riding the blue cow

All our guest will get to ride the blue cow so start booking those plane tickets now.

James is the fork and I am the spoon

The crums as fork and spoon... I know, cool isn't it.

Stacey, Gary and I out side of Lynn's

Sunday, September 9, 2007


I had the privilege to go to Chicago this last weekend to watch the Cubs play the Houston Astros. This was an amazing experience. Wrigley was more amazing then I could have ever imagined it to be. It was like going to Olsen Field (Texas A&M's baseball field), but it was 45,000 Cubs crazy fans. I wish that Barrett and I would have taken pictures, but I did not want to take my camera into the city for the whole day.

One thing that I struck me about Chicago was the lostness of the city. There are several institutions in Chicago that could transform the city, but for whatever reason they are not doing a good job. This is not uncommon in many of our major cities around the world. We must be strategic in how we reach these people.

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Friday, September 7, 2007

The Crums go to the opera...

This past Wednesday Will and I cultured ourselves at the Louisville opera. Emily was in the cast. We had a blast pointing her out to one another. She was always easy to spot. I sat next to Barrett, and had fun watching his proud face every time she came on stage. Will and I enjoyed the story line that we decided was a mix between Aladdin and Rumpelstiltskin. Also, I learned that it is possible to read the sub-titles and watch the stage at the same time. The first five minutes I thought I was going to be in trouble but I got the hang of it after a while.
Any way, we can't wait to see Emily's next performance at University of Louisville.
She is amazing.
Will reads the story of Turandot before the show starts

The beautiful stage before the curtain went up

Will and I at our first opera

We met Emily after her performance at the Mexican restaurant across the street

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Emily's recital

Can I just say Emily Ward is the best Opera singer in the world.

We went to her recital the other day and I was blown away, we are going to see her perform in an Opera next week. I am so excited.

Jenny's Job

God is so good. I was still praying for a job when we left. The Monday we arrived at Louisville I had an interview at The Gardner school. I am now a teacher for the 18-24 month olds. Our class is called Discovery C. We have the older of the toddlers. My co-teacher is Jeni Land. It is an amazing story how God ordained our working together. We met in a church Will and I were visiting. Will heard Jeni's husband Brice say they were from Texas, and started talking to him. It turns out that they are from Houston and Brice went to Texas A & M the same time Brice and Jeni are just starting at Southern this year too. Jeni and I have so many things in common, she used to dance too and loves children also. She asked if I had a job yet and I told her that I was starting at The Gardner school the next day. She said she had applied there as well. On my first day she was coming in for her interview when I was coming in from Lunch. It is really neat to have someone in the classroom with me all day that Loves the Lord and we can talk about the ups and downs of being seminary wives and toddler teachers. I am amazed at how God works things out.

Here are some pictures of the cuties in my class and of the school:

I am opening up all of our new toys for our new classroom.

Jeni and I setting up our room

The Gardner School

Brice with his power tools putting together our furniture.

Brooks is cookin'

Steven going down the slide.

Mason about to climb through the tunnel

Ashlyn on spaghetti day... we love spaghetti day.

Lunch time

Reagan's big blue eyes

Breanna with the dolls

Riley sitting in the big girl chair

Kennedy smiling for the camera

Our walls



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