Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Bevers moving day

We didn't even make it out of Houston!  Liam Crashed after the party. We drove to Huntsville and saw the Bevers' new home. They were moving on the day we were driving home. The house is super cute and it was fun to have a little dinner with them on their big moving day.
He fell asleep with the ducky


Omni Houston

The Crums took an adventure to Houston to help the Lands Celebrate Ellie's first Birthday. Jeni pulled some strings and we somehow ended up staying in the Omni! It was AMAZING! Liam got into some interesting things while staying in this super fancy room.
When we got there they gave Liam a little backpack with toys in it. He loved it. We showed him how to wear it. He had never put one on before.

While Will and I were setting up the pack n play we hear Liam in the bathroom. Then we hear the toilet flush. I always run to the bathroom when I hear that, never knowing what I will find.
This was what I found this time...

He was so proud of himself
Fancy room!
I have to wonder if my friend Jody decorated this room.
Brice and Jeni, Thanks for the fun room, we had a blast!

Sew Cute!

I was browsing through "Mommy Lobby" (My mom's fabrics)
When I saw this precious Red, White and Blue fabric, mom and I thought that this would be a cute fourth of July outfit. With mom's help I busted out my sewing machine and made Liam this romper. She had to remind me of how to do everything, but it was fun, and a little nerve racking. Here is how it turned out.

Mom monogrammed his ininitials

Liam played well in it. I discovered the next Sunday that it looks better and stays on his shoulders better with a polo under it. But it was perfect for this hot, hot day!

After I finished the romper, I got a little braver. I wanted to make little Ellie Land, Who just turned one, a little dress. I found this cute fabric also at Mommy Lobby, but you can find it at JoAnns too. In Florida I saw these dresses called Pillowcase dresses. My mom sent me a Link to A blog called freshly picked. (It is now on my blog links) It told me how to make it.
Ta Da!
The neck and shoulders are ribbons

I Love mom's Embroidery machine!

Now that I have done a few things I hope to keep it up. We went out and found some more fabric for another romper. Red striped sear sucker.
Sew cute!

Baby Paup's Shower

Will, Liam and I traveled to Austin for Brooke and Spivey's co-ed baby shower. On the way we took a pit stopwhere I went to school, Baylor University. Will's favorite coffee shop is just across the street from my Family Consumer Science Building.
Common Grounds is the home of Cowboy Coffee, Will's drink, and the Summer Sparkler, my drink.
Common Grounds has a motto on all their cups, they also make shirts and mugs that say
Sleep is overrated" I think Liam has adopted that motto.

I was checking out what they had done to the place since I left and discovered a Parrot outside on the back porch. One of the baristas came out and put him on Will's arm for us. Liam was checking him out.
Next we drove over to see if the bears were out. I wanted Liam to see them so badly. It was a bit hot for the bears but we saw them sleeping in the cave.
They have redone the bear pit. It looks really nice.
They have two play areas and several caves to hide out in.

Will and I were making Bear growls and I think they were too realistic for Liam. He got a little scared. Later he was perfecting his growl too.
The shower was very kid friendly, they had all sorts of toys outside to play with. Liam made some new friends and enjoyed the croquet. (He must have some Hammond in him)
What is over there?
Max joined us as we watched Brooke open the presents
The girls
Brooke and Cece
On the way home we stopped again to check on the bears.
They were out but the sun was going down so the pictures were too dark.
You can see her eyes in this one. She was walking around.
Liam thought they were very cool.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The long drive home

The ride home was harder than going there, but isn't it always.

We spent the first 30 minutes pointing out boats, after this trip Liam has a new love for boats.

Will kept things fun with a spontaneous tickle. Liam's laugh turned into a scream.

Then Liam hit a wall.
He was not happy! He was exhausted from all the sun and running around. He fell asleep with his lip out.

He sank lower and lower. I Learned from this that the chest latch needs to be a lot higher, it helps them not slouch over when trying to sleep. I also learned that Liam is very flexible!

He woke up in a much better mood and we had a kept on driving. He is a champ in the car. I think he is tired of it now though.

awsh awsh

One of Liam's favorite things right now is water and playing with hoses. At the beach there are hoses to wash the sand off. Once he knew that he was draging one of us back to the hoses every 10 minutes. The last day we let Liam wash wash or "awsh awsh" as he says, all the sand toys. He and Will had a spray war. He LOVED it!
this was his favorite part fo the beach

Liam watering the beach
Crazy hose!

Our Last Day at the Beach

The last day we relaxed at the beach! We tried to soak it all up.

South African Sea Weed! We found out from a local that this seaweed is called June Grass and it travels all the way from the coast of south Africa to get to us in Destin.
Yiayia got Liam a Snow Cone! Yum. Wawatermelon, Liam's favorite
I felt the need to build one more thing. I had already done a road, tunnel, castle and drip castle, so the only thing left was a chair for Liam.
A Throne to be exact. The lady in front of us asked us what we were building. She gave us an awkward look when we said thrown. Prince Liam of Destin.

It looks a little more like a couch.
Liam loved the beach!

The Best Date Night!

Last year we discovered the Harbor walk where we ate at Harry T's. We sat on the back porch and watched the sunset while we ate our fresh fish, and happened to go on the night that they had Fireworks. If you know me you know I LOVE Fireworks!!!! So what better for our date night then to do it all over again. In December Will had received a 1/2 birthday card from Harry T's for a free entree so even better one of us ate for free! This time we made it in time for the Airshow. I have never seen an airshow like this before. Or maybe I haven't seen one since I have had the attention span to watch what was going on.
I was worried that Will was going to miss it because he was parking the car. But We found each other in the crowd, Will quickly informed me of the type of planes they were. Normally I wouldn't have known what he was talking about but since we just went to the Addison Cavanaugh Flight museum, I knew what a WWII T-6 was. (If you want to go look at the post, it is the yellow plane we watched taxi out of the museum.)  They are trainers. We found a cozy spot by the marina to watch the planes over the water. There was a live band behind us while we waited for our seats at Harry T's.
I couldn't zoom out far enough to show how they were circling. It was incredible! I can't imagine how scary it would be during the war.

It is fun to watch the planes with Will, he loves them so much!

Enjoying the night already!
Me and my virgin pina colada, it had a Giraffe and a purple pick in it. I think that is how they do all drinks or  it could be just the ones they think are for children. Will and I laugh because I discovered how much I loved virgin pina colada's on our honeymoon. When the bartender at the pool saw me coming he would have one made for me by the time I got there. Besides the fact that I don't drink,  what is better than fresh pineapple and coconut. Really,Why mess it up with anything else!
Just like last year we got a wonderful table and watched the sunset, it was beautiful!

At Sunset at Harry T's they have a little kid shoot off the sunset cannon. I took a video of it but you can't hear it because it was with my small camera. You can tell how loud it is though because I jump even though I know it is coming.

AJ's (The place were we eat after the big fishing trips) has a pirate ship that they take people out on. I thought of James and his Pirate party. He would have enjoyed seeing the ship!
Say RRRRRG, Will!

The night ended with my one of my favorite things! FIREWORKS! YEA!
We had just finished our meal and our waitress let us stay at our table to watch. It was Beautiful.
Turns out they do it every Thursday night! What fun.

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