Saturday, January 31, 2009

Playing with a Football and Futbol

Pops gave Laim a football and a soccer ball. He loves to play with them. He is getting closer to sitting and crawling so we used them to work on those skills. I have a feeling he will be playing with those for a long time to come.

If I could just reach it...

I got it! (I Love that gummy grin)

"Oh no the ball has been fumbled, and its Liam who comes up with the ball...
What a turn over!!!!"

I'm sitting but I'm keeping my eye on it.

I have to concentrate not to fall over... but I'm doin' it!

A day at the park

Mommy and Oma walked at The Nature Preserve the other day and I rode in the stroller. It is super nice out at the park.

Sun glasses

Rice Cereal attempts 1 and 2

Liam isn't so fond of rice cereal, but we'll keep trying. He has also tried bananas with the cereal. I thought that might sweeten it up for him. Nope he wasn't crazy about that either. He doesn't fuss, he just closes his mouth. I think he is probably full. He'll love it soon enough! In the mean time here are some funny pictures...
Liam wanted to help me put it in his mouth... but not really!
Don't I look handsome in the bib Oma monogrammed for me?

He looks like the KFC colonel

Since Liam has decided he is done with bottles, we thought we would try a cup. He does pretty well lapping it up.

He is so helpful

Got Milk?

Later that day Daddy gave it a shot

Just when we thought it had gone down the hatch... we were wrong!

Open wide. Is it too early to try the air plane? Zoooooooom!

Another awesome bib! Messy but oh so cute!

Birthday Socks

I Love my Birthday socks! Thanks Jeni!

The Books made me cry too, so sweet. Love ya Girl!

My new friend Tui

Yai Yai and Kiwi got a new pug puppy! She is so little. Liam loves Tui. Yai Yai and Kiwi said that she could be Liam's puppy at their house. I have a feeling it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Big Boy Stroller Ride

Liam and I went for a walk to see Daddy and Pops at work the other day before the cold weather hit. Liam rode big boy style in his stroller. He loved it. He could see so much more and enjoyed the space to stretch out!

Here we go...

We surprised daddy at the office!

Monday, January 19, 2009

High Chair

Thanks hostesses! We brought out the high chair. He looks so little in it but it is great because he can sit up and play with his toys while I cook or empty the dishwasher. He is getting so big so fast! I think we will start on Rice cereal soon.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yehaw! Our day at the Stockyards.

This Saturday we went to the Fort Worth Stock Yards to see the Stock show. We had so much fun and really made a day of it. We stayed to watch the rodeo. I have never seen such mean bulls! only 3 cowboys stayed on for 8 sec. There were some crazy ones. Thanks for inviting us Oma and Pops! Here is our day in pictures:
Liam wearing sunglasses Pops gave him.

Here we are, Liam's first time to see horses!

Hey, Look at me!

We walked down the main strip

Into the old stack yard station

There was a wedding on the lawn of one of the buildings.
They were all dressed up in western gear.

Liam and Daddy looking at the Longhorns

Liam and the Longhorns

Saw 'em off

Pops and Liam in western shirts


a little big.

Trying on hats. We are in the children's section. Yes , it fits me. no it doesn't fit Will!

This one is more Liam's size.

A little small for me... amazing isn't it.

Sheriff Liam

Cowboy Liam!

Pops and I in front of the sarsaparilla saloon, we went in and grabbed a sarsaparilla (Root Beer)


Waiting for the Longhorns to be herded down the street.

Liam wanted to try the Root Beer

Crazy horns

This one was HUGE!

I rode the mechanical Bull... more than 8 Sec.

Here is my video:
I'm gonna be a Cowgirl baby...Sorry it is side ways!

My rodeo wound. I must be a pansy, because I can't even imagine being a real cowboy and being stomped on and bucked in the chest. The cut didn't hurt as bad as my left hand that I had managed to sit on while bouncing around on the bull. It was numb and tingly.

We caught the Shuttle to the Stock show to see the animals

Oma and Pops on the Shuttle

In the Dairy barn Will found a friend. A bull mooed at us when we came around the corner. "Hey someone pay attention to me." He was very friendly.

So friendly in fact that he gave Will a real Cowlick!

Moo cows!

check out this cow's tail. It is like my hair on our honeymoon... frizz!

This cow was from a dairy in Plano. Did you know there was a dairy in Plano?

TXU had one of those wheels you spin to win some little thing, magnet, pen, etc. Will and I noticed there was a band-aid dispenser on the wheel . He decided to win one for my rodeo wound. He spun and actually hit it. He didn't have to stop it early!


All better!

They had tons of pigions, I had never seen a pigion like this. He is the winner.

Liam meets a goat,

And little piggies!

The last shuttle left at 6:40. We were eating dinner 3 minutes before about 1/4 mile away from where the shuddle was. We booked it and made it to the bus just in time. 6:40 on the dot!

Liam thought the run to the bus was fun!

Pops and Will lifting Liam up into the Rodeo stands.

"I'm proud to be an american"

When we came in they had a tractor lit up. It was very artsy in a country sort of way.

Buckin' bull

great seats

You can't see it but this horse's bit is a six shooter. Very cool! This cowboy was there to help pick up the riders off of the buckin broncos and to rope the loose calves. They were very talented.

Pops playing with Liam. Telling him all about it.

look at all the dust in the air

The Cowgirls barrel racing

Look at were the cowboy is! right under the bull

The crums at the rodeo! We had a great, full day. We think everyone should check out Fort Worth. The stock yards are so cool and the animals were fun to look at. Thanks Oma and Pops for inviting us to tag along!


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