Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nylon Night!

Our ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) had a funny fellowship night on Tuesday night, I call it Nylon Night!!!!
We played games and relays with panty hose and tennis balls. We borrowed a huge bucket of tennis balls and Hose from the youth department. Ahh to be young again!

Will is showing Liam his new hat

You put the tennis ball in the panty hose and then put the hose over your head. You swing it around and try to pull the other persons off.

This little boy was wondering what we were doing, we let him play with us.

Andrea, Sara and I with our Nylons on our head

Game face!

Alien Kody

This is the Nylon Jell-o relay. You try to suck the Jell-o out of the panty hose.

Sara and Ben

Then we would run down the stairs and tag the next person. It was girls against guys.
Andrea and Kody (Kody's arm)

Kody won and told Andrea she had to finish, she was laughing so hard I think she was about to gag.

Sara with Jell-o on her face

It was a messy relay but a really fun night.

Toothpaste in the dark

Will and I butter each others toothbrushes when we can. The other night Will buttered mine after rocking Liam to sleep. He did it in the dark. This is what I saw when I came in. I thought it was so funny. I asked him how many times he tried it. He said quite a few. He kept thinking that nothing was coming out. Thanks anyway babe!


look at how its dripping and the globs in the sink!
It is the thought that counts!

Football lesson #1: Liam and Daddy

You are never too young to start learning about football! Liam just reacent;y realized he is tall enough to climb on our hearth. We have told him he can sit on it but not crawl into the fireplace. To keep this from happening daddy sat with him while they watched the game last Saturday. I caught some sweet moments.

Notice Liam has the remote. Will is telling him about the game.

YEA! Touchdown! Liam and Daddy celebrate!

Jessica's Wedding

The Giese kids were in Jessica's (Scott's sister) wedding this past weekend. They looked so cute. Will was a Jr. Usher and walked me down to my seat. He also light the candles. That is a big job, he did great! Ella was the flower girl, she was beautiful and she did a great job standing up at the alter so still. Wes was a ring bearer wtih Ethan their cousin. He smile so nicely.
I didn't get lots of pictures but here are the ones I snapped. Aren't they precious?

4 Grocery Trip Lesagna

When ever my dad has a project at home he often refers to how large and complicated the task is by the number of Home Depot trips he has to take to get the job done. It was a 4 Home Depot Job he would say. Or That was a 3 tripper. I have notice however that he has taken to buying more than what he thinks he needs then just takes back what he doesn't use. I should take a lesson from my old man. Will and I had our ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) or Sunday School, for those of you who are old school, leadership over on Monday. I decided I was going to make Will's Lasagna. Now normally Will makes it, it is his mom's recipe and everything but the noodles is homemade. Since Will has two job's, is working hard bringing home the bacon, I thought the least I could do was to give this a try.
It turned out to be a 4 Grocery Trip Lasagna. Here is what ensued...

Sunday night Will escorted Liam and I to Wal-Mart (TRIP 1) to buy all the ingredients. If you have ever been to Wal-mart on a Sunday you have probably sworn to yourself that you will never do it again. I do... every time... and yet somehow I always find myself trying to weave through the oodles of people and carts to find some specific thing. This Sunday trip was no different. Will and I tried to get through the list quickly but we couldn't find the Italian sausage. Where was that sausage? We looked back and forth in all the places it could be. Liam was running out of steam and he was really tired of being in the cart.
The tantrum began...

Liam has started to bang his head on things. Either when he doesn't get what he wants or sometimes just to test out the hardness of something. This is him about to bang his head on the cart.
(Don't worry I stopped him.)
Will ran down the refrigerated section to check one more time for that silly sausage... I stood there in the meat section with screaming Liam.

Before becoming a mother I always felt sorry for those ladies in the grocery store with a screaming child, just trying to get the last thing on their list. When Liam was born we took him to Target and he fussed a little, Will just about had a panic attack, "Get it and go! Get it and go!" Well, A year has passed and now when my child throws a screaming fit in the middle of the store, what do I do? I take a picture!

All is well when mommy bust out the cheerios!

By the way here is where the Italian sausage is supposed to be. They were clean out! I guess I'll have to go somewhere else. (TRIP 2)
Monday morning I was ready, Liam was well rested and I knew what I needed. We ran to Kroger found a sale on Italian sausage and came home. Ah, now I can start cooking.
I put some water in a pot to start boiling the noodles, "Oven ready" the box said... What does that mean? Will said we couldn't use those. My heart sunk...Oh yeah plus, I just remembered, a few weeks ago we had a Pyrex mishap, when my 9X13 pan exploded. Um, I guess I have to go back to Wal-mart (TRIP 3)

Okay, mothering rule #1 always be prepared! After Liam's second nap we loaded up the car and headed out again. I was sinking and it was happy hour at sonic so I stopped for a drink. I decided that if I bought a kids meal Liam could have the apples and I could have the chicken strips. It comes with a drink so I ordered him an OJ. Well a one year old shouldn't have straight OJ I thought so I also ordered a small water. I was expecting it to come out in those plastic kid's meal cups. Nope just Styrofoam. Oh well, I was set, and there was even a toy, for when Liam needed a distraction. I drove across the street to Wal-mart. Put Liam and his diaper bag in the cart. No cup holders for my now 3 cups so I thought I would be clever and use the side pockets of his diaper bag to hold the drinks. (so resourceful)

The Halloween costumes caught my eye right when I walked in, so I took a small detour. I know what you are thinking; Just get the pan Jenny so you can get home. What can I say I am easily distractible.

What is that dripping on my foot? I looked down to see a huge puddle at my feet. I looked up, nothing dripping. I look at my 3 cups, all still standing up right. I pick up the OJ nothing, I pick up my cherry limeade, nothing. I pick up the water and...

I evidentially keep spoons in my side pocket

I guess Liam doesn't get the water... or the diluted OJ
All our stuff was soaked, Praise the Lord is wasn't the OJ.
That would have been way worse!

My I pod was in that pocket to I panicked a bit, shook it out and dug through the bag to see what else was wet. Save the diapers I thought, they are expensive little things. I fortunately had a blanket of Liams so I put that under the bag to soak up the wet drippings. I didn't want to leave a trail. After, resituating my self and all of our wet belongings, I resume shopping. 5 minutes later I hear on the loud speaker... "Maintenance needed in Halloween area with a wet mop, maintenance needed in Halloween area with a wet mop.”
... My bad!
10 minutes later on the loud speaker
"Gene to the Halloween area with a wet mop, Gene to the Halloween area!"
 ... Sorry Gene!
After our adventurous trip number 3 I thought for sure I had everything I would need to start this Lasagna. I open the Cottage Cheese and it is busted open already. Seriously... I thought! Seriously. My sweet husband came to my rescue. He came home from work and rushed back out to the store (Trip 4) so that I wouldn't have to subject Liam to the madness again.

I wish I could say that after all this I had a picture of this amazing Lasagna. but I don't it was eaten up and enjoyed. We had a great time having the leadership meeting at our house and Liam LOVED all of the guest. He went from person to person showing off his toys and giving smiles and hugs.
I will think twice before I volunteer myself to make someone else’s family recipe but after all that is was worth it. My 4 trip lasagna emphasized some lessons dad taught me growing up, next time I will buy all sort of extra stuff and take back what I don't use. And when things go wrong remember...
we're makin' a memory! Whew daddy, we sure did!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Liam and Daddy's first Indian Pow wow

Pops and Oma invited us to an Indian Pow Wow. Will had never been before and of coarse neither had Liam. We had so much fun; I loved looking at the intricate regalia.
We had some yummy Indian tacos on Fry Bread. It was great to learn about the Indian culture.
 I think Liam and daddy really enjoyed their first Pow Wow.   
Pops gave Liam an Indian flute.
 He is working on figuring out how to play it. He figured it out today...
I was impressed that he could actually blow into it.
Liam made a friend in front of him.
Mom, Dad and Liam are getting ready to watch the dancing.
A group of Native American Vets, were the color guard.
The lady on the left said a blessing over the Pow Wow. We asked her granddaughter (on the right) about her outfit. She said that her greandmother and dad made it by hand. WOW!
Pops is showing Liam how to play the flute
Liam was dancing to the Indian drums...
 ...and banging on his knees to the beat.
There are several different kinds of costumes.
Buckskin dresses have really long fringe when they dance it sways.
Jingle dresses have little bell like things on the dress they take little steps when they dance and it jingles to the beat.
All that blue on the lady in the middle's shoulders is beaded. WOW
Here are some of the war dancers. They have on eagle feathered bustles and Mohawks with two feathers that bounce coming out of the top of their heads. They have awesome regalia.  
Beading and colors
Will and I were wondering if our friends the Cozads had some Indian blood in them. Those crowns on the girls heads are completely beaded.
Will and Liam enjoying the Pow Wow
During a friendship dance they invite everyone to get up and dance with them.
Pops, Liam and I went out for a spin on the dance floor.
These are fancy war dancers. They have streamers and things they twirl when they dance. They are all over the place when they dance. Spinning and swirling, It looks really cool.
Look at all the beading!
They were raffling off this shawl, the ladies wear bright hand made shawls.
Beaded shoes and ankle cuffs. (This is the lady that blessed the Pow Wow)
This dude could dance! 
Men sit in circles around the drums everyone in the circle has one mallet, they bang on the drum and all sing together. There were two drums at this pow wow, Southern and Northern singers.
The regalia is so bright, and colorful! 
We had to leave a bit early to get Liam in bed, on our way out Liam led Pops to the car on his shoulders.
We saw this wooden Indian with war paint on. I thought Liam would be scared of him, but he wasn't. That thing scared me a couple of times. He looked so real. He had seen a live person with a painted face earlier and wasn't so sure about him. Evidentially he could handle a wooden man.
 Looks like Little Chief Big Eyes made a new frie

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