Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome to the Blog Grandma!

So my grandma has never been able to see the blog. My mom is going to Florida to visit. She said that she was going to check Grandma's computer to see why she couldn't view the blog. I thought I would welcome Grandma to the blog.

Hello to the Ladies in Florida! I wish I was there to enjoy the sun with you. Grandma I am glad you can finally see the blog. (Hopefully) Liam loved his Valentines Bib, And had a great time with you over Christmas. Enjoy the blog and look around, I bet you will see yourself in here.

Love you all!

A Liam wave

A big Kiss to ya!

I hope we can see you again soon.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bevers visit, cousins and new teeth

Aunt Stacey, James and Gary just left. We had a great time with them, we miss you Uncle Beau! Also, Liam has recently grown a few teeth. We are not sleeping anymore either. Here are a few random pictures from Stacey's visit and funny shots of Liam adjusting with his new teeth.

Out to dinner at Fire Side Pies... notice the drool
Drools Mcgee

Our little Michael Jordan

He puts everything in his mouth even the couch

Pops and James went fishing Saturday and brought back lunch. Chef Pops and Su Chef James are fryin' up the catch of the day.

Liam is making a very important point. He is taking after his dad. This is exactly what Will does when he speaks in front of people.

Granny came to visit while Stacey and the kids were in town, we were so glad she could join us.


Can you see my 2 teeth? This is how Liam sucks his thumb, he fish hooks himself.

James wanted to hold Liam. Liam was looking up at Cuz. How sweet. Look at Liams feet.

A little out side time during cousin's nap

Everything in the mouth... even the glasses

At least the teether is supposed to be in the mouth.

"Laces out Dan!"

MMMM pig skin!

Gary Chatting with Liam "Hey that used to be my walker!"

Liam- "See I sucked on it until it was soaked... you want some?"...

..."No? Okay, more for me then."

Liam was very patient while we ate dinner outside.

I had to throw this in here because this face is ALL me.

He look so collegate in his sweatshirt and collard shirt.

The backwards thumb suck

I think he is getting use to the new teeth, just in time for his third one to arrive (it is a top tooth)

Dallas Blooms!

Welcome to the Arboretum, Dallas blooms! We had a great time on Monday strolling around the beautiful gardens. It was so beautiful.

My first time in the umbrella stroller. What a big boy!

James and Wes were excited to run around

A quick snap of all the boys

... and Gary's off...

snuggling with aunt Nicole while mommy eats

We ate a picnic lunch on the grass, granny, Liam and I ate on the bench.

A cool front had just blown in it was nice and overcast

Gary was chasing the birds and making them fly

James is inspecting a lady bug!

Photo op. on the stairs

What is this green stuff?

I see some of grandpa Hammond in him here ...

... and here...

and here!

This one is all Will.

Spring time is here!

I loved those white tulips!

...So did Liam. He picked up a yummy leaf. (don't worry I took it away before he ate it.)

Stacey and Gary playing in the green grass.
Beautiful tulips and a happy baby, could it get any better?

I got the stiff arm... is that a sign of things to come? mommy kisses, yuck.

Oh, so cool!


I loved the colors so I plopped him down in front of the flower bed.

My turn to use the camera

Sisters in the garden


Ha ha you're so funny!

Mommy is a photographer... easy subject.

There was a light breeze, this is Liam's breeze face he was also getting sleepy

The Hyacinth were so fragrant

A quick game of airplane before...


On the car ride home Liam was awake and perky and Gary was out.
We had a great day, I hope we can go back soon.

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