Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Liam's funny birthday!

I wanted to get Liam out of the Apartment full of boxes, which seem to be the source of  some confusion for him lately. It has to be unsettling for a 2 year old to have all of your stuff put in boxes. So we went to the playground at the Galleria. Because of the slight rainy weather every other mom in DFW seemed to have the same idea. Liam soon became bored with the playground and we walked around the mall for a bit. I had remembered that I wanted to get Liam a rangers hat and that I had seen them at Buy Buy Baby for cheap. So I told Liam that we were going to go get him a birthday hat. He talked about it all the way to the store. When we got there they didn't have the kind I had seen before, but low and behold they had little aggie hats.

Happy Birthday Liam

After the birthday hat we went to Lunch at Los Cucos. My mom had brought some birthday candles we must have sung Happy Birthday and re lit the candles at least 10 times. We put the candles in Salsa.
Do a'gin?!

During nap our day took an unexpected change when we found out that Will and I had to buy a range for our house before it was even ours, so the last part of Liam's birthday was shopping for ranges.!

We stopped at Tin star to get some supper and saw a limo drive up. A family got out and Pops in his usual fashion asked about it. The man said we could go look in it if we wanted. Liam was a little scared of if but Pops got in with him and called up to the driver to order some grey pupon.

The guy said he got it on Ebay for fun. It is the family car. He asked his kids what would be a fun family car and they jokingly said a limo. He payed 4,000 for it and they take it around town. what fun!

Liam had a fun but unique 2nd birthday!

Handy Liam fixin' boxes

Liam got some tools for his birthday! He has been fixing things ever since!
Safety first!

When the packing for Greenville really got going I put out a huge box for him to climb in, He LOVES it.

Now would be a good time to explain the sticker on his head. It is actually a band aid. At out apartment pool party Liam took a spill face first into the leg of a lounge chair. Learning my lesson from his nose I put a band aid on it to curb the picking at the scab. He didn't want to take it off. I was shocked that he kept it on but everywhere we went people kept saying cool sticker.
Fixing the box
In and out
Cool fort

Dinner with Baby Ginny and Legacy Town Center

The weather is finaly cooling down here in Texas! knock on wood though because before I can say jacket it will be right back up in the 100s. We took advantage of it while we could.

We went to dinner with the Lyons and then strolled one of our favorite places, Legacy town center.
(Legacy town center is where I had my fist job after college, holly and Clint got engaged and where Will and I had our wedding reception, it holds lots of memories for us.)

The guys doing the daily work out

so sweet

Will lifted Liam up to grab a nut off of a tree to throw it in the water. It soon became a favorite game.

Liam made a friend, and they spent about 10 minutes throwing things in the water.

Fudge bar at Aunt Cheech and the Gov'na's house

Liam always loves going over to Aunt Cheech and Gov'na's house. 
(Aunt cheech= Will's twin sister, Cece and Gov'na= her husband Kyle)
They have a neat play room that has a cool gate. All the toys are in that room and Liam loves to wrangle the adults in there with him to play.
Kiwi and Liam played with all of Moosh's toys!
Gov'na and Duckers watched from the outside

Later the three of them played with the big boy toys on the couch...  iphones!

For dessert they passed out fudge bars. Liam went from person to person getting a lick off of everyones fudge bar. He may have had a bar and a half total by the end of the night.

Gov'na is always good for a laugh!

Where did the stick go?
I look just like daddy
Do I have something on my face?

Liam speaks in Clicks

Liam likes to goof off at the table.

Pops showed Liam how to make bird noises the other day.

(the video was too long to email from Will's phone so it is in two videos. It is about 1:40 total)

I Love at the beginning of the second video you can hear Liam say "What is that?"

I laugh every time I watch it! too cute!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Liam's 2 year Birthday Boat Party

This past weekend we celebrated Liam's 2 year Birthday with a boat party!
We had a blast, check out our pictures:

A sign for the front Door in Nautical flags says "Liam is 2"
Boat Cake, Liam helped Oma make some of Gigi's famous sugar cookies in the shapes of anchors and sail boats.

We named the cake M.Y. Liam. M.Y. stands for Motor Yacht.

Moi brought her famous and super delish deviled eggs. Cousin Will helped me by putting the sails Liam and I made in them. (I figured I better stay far away from those tooth picks.)
Watermelon boat and fruit salad
The kiddos had PB and J sailboats
Drinks and snacks were outside
We have had so many days of over 100 degree heat, it has been still and oppresive. This morning there was a slight breeze, warm, but still a breeze. We were thankful for it but I couldn't keep my Happy Birthday sign out of the tree. Oh well, I would much rather have the breeze.
Stacey and Baby Kyle chatted with Maurney and Baby Drew (Kyle and Drew are close in age)
Ella and Liam tried out our new dancing sprinkler hose. It was a small hose but really sprinkled far so we had to move it so it wouldn't get everyone wet.
Oma and Yiayia helped me get everything ready
Birthday boy is all smiles
Cousin Gary checked out the mew baby pool
 The j-train was all ready to swim
We played pin the sail on the boat
Drew's turn
Liam's turn
Ella helped blind fold the big kids
Oma and Pops helped the kids make wooden boats
Wes decorating his boat
Liam and Pops
Hammering in the nails to make the paddle
The Spectators chatted while the boat builders went to work
Pops and Liam tested the boat. It went all the way to daddy!

Boat races!
Go! Go! Go!
Kyle cheering them on!
We set up a slip n slide in the green belt

After Lunch everyone was ready for some cake:
Cousin Will made an anchor for the M.Y. Liam. Didn't he do a great job?
Liam is ready for some singing

Blowing out the candles

Moi, YiaYia and I enjoying the cake
Liam diggin' in
Opening gifts he was a bit overwhelmed.
I don't think I got pictures of all the amazing gifts but here are a few:
Mud pies! Sweet!
An awesome tool set
Red Rider Bike
Choo choo
Mickey Mouse Club house video which we have already watch at least 20 times!
After the party Liam and the kiddos swam some more while we enjoyed the shade.

Thanks to everyone who made Liam's party so much fun! We love you all!
Anchor's Aweigh!

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