Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our little Dancin' Elf Family!

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Our little singing Elf family

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Liam's Magic Trick

Monday, November 23, 2009

Liam becomes a photographer!

So when then the playdough didn't pan out Liam decided learn how to take pictures. Pops let Liam play with his "Boat Anchor" as he calls it. His super old camera still works. He tied it around Liam's neck and showed him how to take a picture!

Lookin' for the best angle.

Say cheese!

Playing with POPS!

Pops and Liam playing with some sub-standard playdough

Uh Pops, it is stuck to my fingers?!?!

Liam loves playing with Pops!

The Christmas Tree Lighting at Legacy Town Center

Legacy Town center has a special place in Will and my hearts. The Marriot at Legacy Town center is where we had our wedding reception. It is where I worked right out of college. Every year they have a christmas tree lighting. The restaurants and businesses give free samples and such. They have magicians, and musicians, and all sorts of fun things to do. At 6:30, Santa comes down the street and they light up the big Christmas tree. Pops, Oma, Will, Liam and I had a great time strolling the beautifully decorated street. Liam loved the band and the horses that brought Santa's carriage down the street!

Right when we got there we found the Rad Hatter!
They made hats out of paper bags and you can decorate them with stickers, glitter, feathers, and all sorts of fun things. Liam decorated his and Pops made one for Oma. They turned out great!

Liam putting stickers on his hat

Concentrating on his work


Wow look at the street, so beautiful!

Pops crowns Oma with her hat! It was so cute, he worked really hard on it. It was awesome, Oma even got a complement on it from a random stranger. He put pink ribbon, glitter, pipe cleaners, and feathers on it. He even curled the ribbon!
He is a great hat maker!

Tweeking the hat!


Liam put one of the foam stickers on his nose. He is going to guide Santa's sleigh this year, it turns out you can see farther with a yellow light than with a red one.

Pops and Will decorated sugar cookies for Liam

Yum Yum!

We went and found a peice of curb to sit on to wait for the tree to light up

A Police  officer cameby one a segway and gave Liam a flashing light

Pretty trees!

Trying to see Santa

Here he comes...

Santa Claus is coming to town

Here is a video of us counting down to the lighting of the tree!

Ta Da!!

YEA! Look at Liam's eyes! He loved it!

Frosty and rudolf startled Liam a bit. He jumped! In this one he is not so sure about the big head!

High five for the toy soldier

Christmas picture photo op!

Pops and Liam were dancing to the band!

Love those cheeks!

Say cheese!

We took some pictures with Santa! Liam is checkin' out his HUGE belt!
Like I said, Liam has a thing about belts!

Liam wasn't scared he was just looking at him!

Tell him what you want Liam! Mention a job for daddy!

pretty view!

All in all it was a fabulous night! Liam had a great time and we did too.
If you are in town for next year, you should join us!

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