Saturday, January 26, 2008

Poem for Pops and Oma (Christmas Suprise)

On Christmas eve Will and I surprised the Hammond side of the family by putting this poem in all the gifts for our white elephant gift exchange. Nicole's two oldest, Will and Ella helped me get Oma to open the gift first. Will Giese read it to the family. I thought you might like to see...

Taco Bell

So the Lands and the Crums went to Taco Bell the other day. Yes, the commercial is true, the pregnant girl wanted something crunchy, cheesy, melty, and chewy. While there we discovered the worlds worst way to propose to someone! Jeni and I thought our husbands did a much better job. Check it out...

Happy Birthday to me!

For my birthday, Uncle Richard was in town so we went out to dinner at KT's. It was super yummy. Then the next night Will took me out to P.F. Chang's. After my awesome meal Will ordered the Great Wall of Chocolate. Seven Layers of decadent Chocolate. Then at work Melissa made a cheesecake for all the January Birthdays. It was a great week of sweets!

Real Snow

So I know I got super excited about the snow before but now there is real snow and it is super fun! Jeni and I took turns taking pictures while the our babies looked on. Here are some pics of our playground.

eating the snow
My car

Happy New Year 2008

Will had the opportunity to go the the Stars game on New Year's Eve with Heidi and Kevin, so Will and Clint went to the game and Holly and I hung out with my parents, played games and when the boys came home rung in the new year. We had a blast.

after 12:00 we hung out around the fire pit and savoured our last few hours in Dallas.

Christmas Pictures

Will and I had a wonderful time at home in Dallas. We took lots of pictures. Here are some more Chirstmas Pictures.

Christmas Morning, I am wearing my new monogrammed scarf, "joy" sleeping mask, and flashy Christmas lights necklace. Will is wearing his new robe and his new Packers hat from Oma.

Kringle! YUM every Christmas morning we have Kringle for Breakfast. I Love the Almond flavor. It is a light sweet pastry.

James helping with breakfast

Oma and Pops with all the Grandkids ... and me ('Cus peanut isn't out yet)

James opening our gift to him

Wes and Ella listening to Oma talk about the snow balls. They are made of crepe paper rolled up in each layer is a little prize. Oma makes one for each grandchild.

Unwrapping the balls

The sandman always brings P.J.'s on Christmas eve. This is Wes trying on his P.J.'s

A Bike for Christmas!

Pops hanging out with the kiddos

Gumbo at the kid's table

Three football players and a cheerleader! James and Will are wearing Pops' Jets and Cardinals helmets and Wes is wearing James' Texas A and M Helmet.

Our stockings. We put them on the banister this year because there were so many of us staying at Oma and Pops' house

Stacey and dad and Little Gary

Grandma, dad and Laura catch up while the kiddos play

The Duet

Ella and Gwen playing on the horse

Pops and Ella hangin' out

At Heidi's house Cece gets the stockings ready

Heidi passes out the stockings

Lots of goodies inside!


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