Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkins and Fall Festival

Autumn is here and Liam is experiencing all sorts of fun fall activities.
Here are pictures of a few...

Oma, Aunt Nicole, Wes, Liam and I went to the Farmer's Market. Oma is buying some lady something peas, related to the black eyed pea. They were yummy.

Liam and Wes played in the pumpkins. Wes picked one out that was just his size.
Will and I went to Starbucks to enjoy a warm drink and Liam wore his hoodie, jeans and shoes. All bundled up for the cool weather.
The Heights had a Fall Festival last night. The theme was through the decades. Our Sunday school class dressed 80's. Liam was an Owl. Granny sent us this cute owl hat and booties. The booties will fit him next year but the hat was just too cute to pass up.
Bundled in his nest. We love the warm blanket Aunt Emily!
Thanks for the hat Granny!

Liam just went to the Doctor for his 2 month check up and get his shots. He wasn't feeling up to the party. He was a trooper though.
Liam's best owl impression. Big owl eyes!

We are carving pumpkins tonight... more to come!

The State Fair of TEXAS

Will and I have a tradition of going to the fair every year. This year was Liam's first year to go. It probably wasn't the smartest idea to take a newborn to the fair but we made some memories.

It was still hot and sunny. Liam is ready to go.
We parked so far away we had to take the train. The handicapped space was taken. I struggled to get the stroller in to a seat.
Will, Liam and BIG TEX!

Liam at the car show.
This is Liam at the Bird show, which is the coolest thing we have seen at the fair. He is happy he wasn't lunch for those big birds of prey.

Liam was hungry and crying at the end of the night. When we walked though the midway he instantly stopped. The Lights and noises were way too interesting. I took a picture in front of the "Flying Tigers" ride for my Grandma. My Grandpa was a Flying Tiger in World War II. This was a little kiddie ride with air planes.

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