Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Festival at the Heights 09

Wednesday  The Heights had its fall festival. Liam was a bumble bee and I was a flower. The theme this year was Get your game on. Every ABF class brought a game to life!

Nicole and the Kids came and played with us as well as Natalie, one of Nicole's High school friends, and her family. This is  Wes and Sydney bouncing on the Twister blow up game.

Will and Law raced

Here are all the kids, good luck getting all of them to look at the same time.

Andrea and Kody

Our ABF did Guess who. If you look closely you may know the certain who that this girl is matching.

Here is Ella and Wes playing our game

Nice hat Leslie

Look closely at COP Will

Mean Bumble bee face!

Even bumble bees like snacks

I love the floppy antenae

Candy land, this ABF went all out

Nicole and Liam hanging out while the others are in an obstical coarse

In the food court (Atrium)

The bee is free, Climbing up the stairs

Stinger up!

So cute

Wes helped me push the stroller out the doors

Hyper kids full of candy... ahh this time of year is great!

I let Liam climb around the car before straping the little guy in.

We had a blast.

Aquarium Trip with Yiayia, Aunt Cheech and Max

This week YiaYia took Liam, Aunt Cheech (Cece), Max and I to the Dallas World Aquarium. It is like a zoo. They have so many animals, Liam loved it. We ate at one of the restaurants inside the aquarium and then walked around. Here are just a few of the pictures from the day.

we could look down on the sharks as we ate.

Liam and Max eating lunch

Maddox and his mommy

Liam with a black been goat-tee

Liam and YiaYia

How sweet is he? I love his little onesie "Daddy's little Pumpkin!"

There is an area that is a rainforest. It is really humid in there and there is a patch that leads from the third floor to the first, so you can see all the birds in the canopy all the way down to the fish under the water.

They had these signs out Coins can kill. Do people actually feed coins to the birds. I guess some people think they can make a wish in the water. Um hello you are at an aquarium!!!

YiaYia and Liam exploring

Liam loved the Otters they would come up next to him and slide up the glass. He could sit right next to them

I was playing with Will's new fancy camera and took some pictures if a little tree frog. Check out what I captured...

That was total accident

Pretty Birds

Liam saying hi to the ducks and spotted sting rays

YiaYia pointing out some fish and turtles


They had several sloths, one was out in the rainforest area and then two were behind a net. We watched this guy climb up the branch... verrrrry... sloooowly

Liam watching the fish

Some of them were glowing

Liam loves fishies!

face to face with a big'en!

Liam and aunt Cheech

Awww, hug for cheech

Maddox took a cat nap while we browsed the fish

Liam wasn't so sure about the manatee.He was SO big. The was scratching his back on a rock right next to the glass. Yiayia said that Liam was holding on a little tighter and didn't want to get down from her lap.

A family of sea turtles swam by, Daddy,mommy and baby. It was super cute.

A diver came to feed the fish when we got to the tunnel

Liam wasn't fond of the diver either.

But he loved the sharks

We tried to take some pictures but how can I ask Liam to look at the camera when there are sharks all over the place? 

Look mommy!

That is a big one!

Snap it he's looking!


When you walk of of the tunnel they have another area where you can look at the sharks from above. It is also like a jungle. They had a jaguar in a special area! It was GEORGEOUS!

MMM Lunch!
I took  quick video of Liam watching the big cat.

Liam and the Penguins, you could see them from the gift shop

Puppets make Liam laugh

Max woke up for the gift shop fun

Yiayia said Liam could pick something out of the gift shop. He wanted to play with the sparkly balls. Silly Liam you can get those anywhere. This is him rubbing his belly (Sign for Please) asking if he can play with one.

He played with that for a while but we ended up buying a tree frog puppet. He LOVES it. He laughs everytime he looks at it.

YiaYia and Max

The gang! Thanks for the fabulous day Yiayia! We had a great time!

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