Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cincinnati, Ohio with the Wards

Cincinnati is a really neat city. Emily had an audition last weekend and they invited us to go with them. We made a day trip out of it. It is a really beautiful drive to Cincinnati. While Emily was at the audition Barrett, Will and I hung out. WE grabbed a bite to eat, over looking the city, walked out on the "Purple people bridge" , it was very windy, and then went to the Aquarium. Afterward we met up at Nick's Porkopolis. They are famous for their pork Chops, of Chops as they call them. The building was beautiful, it looked like something Will and I saw in Germany. It was up on top of this really high hill and over looked the city too. We ate in an old pottery kiln. We had a really great time seeing a new city.

As you drive around the courner of a hill there is a beautiful view of the cityEmily and I were chating in the back seat.
On the Purple people bridge, it was super windy

When we came out of the Aquarium it was super clear and beautiful outside.

Will and Barrett seeing how many pounds of pressure they can push together. turns out a parrot is stronger than a lion and charks jaw. Crazy!

Immitating the smiling turtle

Some cool paddle boats, I took this picture before Barrett told me that the smaller one was a hooters. mmmmm... ok.
Barrett in front of the Porkopolis sign

Valentine's day, sweetest husband ever

I have the sweetest most romantic husband in the world! I came home from work on Valentine's day night and right when I walked into the door I saw a sweet note telling me to relax, my favorite Godiva Truffles and some beautiful tulips! The table was set with all of our beautiful china, crystal and silverware. He was busy in the kitchen making a gourmet meal. Italian Marinated Asparagus, smoked Gouda mashed potatoes, and filet migon. YUM! YUM! Jenny Loves her red meat! He also had dessert all ready, it was angel food cake with fresh berries (Raspberries, Strawberries and Black Berries) and whip cream! He went all out!

Will with the meal, holding my favorite sparkling grape juice

Now that is just BEAUTIFUL! Tender and juicy.

I made will a treasure hunt. (With the help of Jenny)

Will finding his clue

Will decoding the puzzle at the end.


Winter storm, School is canceled

School was canceled the other day so Will and I had a chance to hang out and play in the snow. We even built a snow man. The snow was powder and not so conducive to sticking together for a snowman, so it wasn't very big. We had fun making it anyway.
Here are some pictures from our snow day!
This is the view from my classroom

Our snow man. I made the face out of valentine candies

Will playing in the snow

Our apartment with our little snowman.

Texans have never seen snow that deep at least without paying to ski on it!

It rained the next day and our snowman's face melted off. I know... it is a little disturbing


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