Friday, August 28, 2009

Cool August Fun

Jenny and I never took advantage of the parks in Louisville. We have decided not to do that while we are in Texas. Our apartment backs up to a great park, which we have been using for walks. Yesterday, we decided to take Liam to the big park about 3 blocks down. We have been down there many times for events in Addison, but we have never taken Liam there for fun. I do not think I realized there was actually a little water park for kids to play in. Here are the picks from our adventure today.

Liam's Birthday Outing

Liam spent most of his birthday at the hospital awaiting his cousin's arrival so after we all met Maddox we decided to let Liam play a bit at Willow Bend Mall. I like the play place here because it is lower than the rest of the malls around here. The whole play area is one big plate of breakfast food. Steak and Eggs, grape fruit, spilled hot sauce, jam, coffee, and a spoon, fork and knife. Liam had a blast! It is amazing all the things our little one year old an do now...

The first thing he did was climb up on the fried egg.
This is my favorite picture of the night!

Walking away from my camera

climbing up on the plate

Crawling through the salt and pepper packet

Sliding down the lip of the plate

climbing up on the fork


He always find the things that aren't toys too.

I think this picture is funny because 2 seconds before I snapped the picture he was smiling really big, then all the sudden serious face. I think he is thinking he wants to play some more... let me down, I'm ready to go!

Off again!

Getting ready to slide down the jam packet

With some help form daddy

Negotiating the lip of the check
(Which by the way is really reasonable the steak is like $3 or something!!!!)

Just out side the play area are those mechanical cars and things you can ride on for a pretty penny. He loved sitting on them, and driving.

Lucky for us he doesn't know it is supposed to move, nor does he care. He is happy with just sitting there.
This was his favorite, the train, it made noise even with out the $.75!

Liam operating a fork lift.
Ahh, good times! Happy birthday Liam!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Maddox Hall Scott

Will's twin sister Cece gave birth to her little boy today! Maddox "Max" Hall Scott!
He is beautiful! Here are some sweet family pictures, I thought I would share!
Welcome to the World little Max!

Sweet Daddy, son time!

Liam meeting his new cousin

Daddy and Mommy love for little Maddox

Cece is glowing

The Stats

I was talking to Liam and trying to smile at the same time. Look at Liam's face... Who is that mommy is holding?

Happy family!

The Mad Max

Proud Uncle Will

Will wanted me to take this picture, he looks like a little sucker fish with his mouth open while he sleeps. So cute!

Sleeping Angel

The Twins and Max

Yia Yia saying bye to Aunt Cookies and Uncle Spicy (Brooke and Spivey) They had to drive all the way back to Austin.

Liam was playing with an "Its a Boy"balloon, daddy wanted in on the action.

Happy Birthday Maddox! We are glad you are here!
Love, Uncle Will, Aunt Jenny and Liam

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