Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Town, New Home

So we are finally back! The Crum family has moved and after a very very long house buying process we are in! I am still in the mist of a few boxes, but we have already had the college group over three times. We are having a great time learning about the "Joys of Homeownership" as my dad would say.  

Our first house!


In all our years of apartment hopping I have wanted to paint. So with some deliberation and some sound advice I picked some colors and we went to work.

All sorts of volunteers came out of the wood work. 

The unvailing of the crazy green I picked for the dining room. It actually turned out very nicely
I looked yellow up against the blue, I was a little worried for a bit.

Lots of the students came to help paint too

 After a long moving day Liam explored his new house with all of our stuff in it.
 He was so excited!

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Denyse said...

And we are oh-so-glad that your new home in is this particular "old" town! ;)


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